Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 8:10 AM
Indiana Conv. Center, Room 102, First Floor
241: Symposium--Emerging Rice-Maize Systems in Asia
Sponsor:A06 International Agronomy
Presiding:Achim Dobermann, Univ of Nebraska at Lincoln, Dept Agronomy and Horticulture
8:10 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:15 AMTrends in Rice, Wheat, and Maize Production and Consumption in Asia: Implications for Cropping Systems and Resource Use. 
Mark Rosegrant, International Food Policy Research Institute, Siwa Msangi, International Food Policy Research Institute, Timothy Sulser, International Food Policy Research Institute
8:45 AMThe Expansion of Rice-maize Systems in Bangladesh. 
Stephen Waddington, CIMMYT, Nur E-Elahi, CIMMYT, Firoza Khatun, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute
9:15 AMPotential of Rice-Maize Cropping System in India. 
Pervez H. Zaidi, Directorate of Maize Research, R.P. Singh, Directorate of Maize Research
9:45 AMGrain Production Potential in Rice-Maize Systems. 
Achim Dobermann, Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln
10:15 AMRecess
10:30 AMNutrient Management in Rice-Maize Systems of Asia. 
Julie Mae Pasuquin, PPI/PPIC and IPI, Southeast Asia Program, Christian Witt, PPI/PPIC and IPI, Southeast Asia Program, Achim Dobermann, Univ of Nebraska-Lincoln, Dept of Agronomy and Horticulture, Roland J. Buresh, IRRI
11:00 AMCarbon and Nitrogen Cycling under Rice–Maize Cropping. 
Mirasol F. Pampolino, IRRI, Wenceslao M. Larazo, IRRI, Ma. Carmelita R. Alberto, IRRI, Roland J. Buresh, IRRI
11:30 AMPest and Disease Dynamics Within Rice-Maize Cropping Systems. 
David Bergvinson, CIMMYT INT.
12:00 PMManaging Rice–Maize Systems for High Sustainable Productivity. 
Roland J. Buresh, IRRI, Kevin Pixley, CIMMYT
12:30 PMAdjourn

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