Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 4:00 PM-6:00 PM
Indiana Conv. Center, Exhibit Hall ABC, First Floor
248: End-use Quality in Cereals
Sponsor:C01 Crop Breeding & Genetics
Detection of Donor QTL Alleles in Illinois Low Protein for Enhanced Starch Levels and Ethanol Production Efficiency.
H. Sofia Silva, Univ of Illinois, Torbert Rocheford, AW-101 Turner Hall
Detection of Donor Alleles for Enhanced Starch Concentration in the Illinois Low Protein Maize Strain.
Torbert Rocheford, Univ of Illinois, H. Sofia Silva, Univ of Illinois
QTL Analysis of Pericarp Thickness and Ear Inflorescence Architecture in South Korean Waxy Corn Germplasm.
Torbert Rocheford, AW-101 Turner Hall
Amylose Content in Amylomaize VII Varied in Different Generations and at Different Locations.*
Yusheng Wu, South Dakota State Univ, Mark Campbell, Truman State Univ, Yang Yen, South Dakota State Univ, Dawn Gustafson, South Dakota State Univ, Zeno Wicks III, South Dakota State Univ
Effects of Pollination Method on the Wet Milling Efficiency of Hybrids from Exotic by Adapted Inbred Lines in Corn.
Oswaldo R. Taboada-Gaytan, Iowa State Univ, Linda Pollak, Univ of Iowa, USDA-ARS, Lawrence Johnson, Iowa State Univ, Steve Fox, Iowa State Univ, Susan Duvick, Univ of Iowa, USDA-ARS
Genetic Analysis of Preharvest Sprouting in a 2-Row Barley Cross.*
Steven E. Ullrich, Washington State Univ, Dept.Crop.&Soil Sci, J. A. Clancy, Washington State Univ, Dept.Crop.&Soil Sci, H. Lee, Washington State Univ, Dept.Crop.&Soil Sci, I. A. del Blanco, Washington State Univ, Dept.Crop.&Soil Sci
Variation for Glutenin and Waxy Alleles in U.S. Hard Winter Wheat Germplasm.*
Xueyan Shan, Colorado State Univ, Sally Clayshulte, Colorado State Univ, Patrick Byrne, Colorado State Univ, Scott Haley, Colorado State Univ
Genetic Variation for Gluten Strength and Water Holding Capacity in a Soft Winter Wheat Population.
Carrie Knott, University of Kentucky, David Van Sanford, Univ. of Kentucky-Plant & Soil Sciences Dept, Edward Souza, USDA-ARS Soft Wheat Quality Lab
Effects of Glutenin Subunit Variation and 1RS.1AS Translocation on Dough Properties of Wheat Grown in Colorado Environments.*
Shusong Zheng, Colorado State University, Xueyan Shan, Colorado State Univ, Patrick Byrne, University of Colorado, Dept. of Soil & Crop Sciences, Scott Haley, Colorado State University
Spring Bread Wheat Quality Improvement at ICARDA: Evaluation of End-Use Quality Traits of Major Varieties in CAWNA and Advance Breeding Lines.
Osman Abdalla, ICARDA (Int. Cent. for Agric. Res., Fuad J. El-Haramein, ICARDA, Ala'a Yaljarouka, ICARDA (Int. Cent. for Agric. Res.
Assessing the Impact of Early Senescence on Grain Protein Concentration of Spring Wheat Varieties (Triticum aestivum L.).
Amy Blahnik, Washington State University, Santra Dipak, Washington State University, Koenig Richard, Washington State University, Shelton Gary, Washington State University, DeMacon Victor, Washington State University, Kidwell Kimberlee, Washington State University

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