Wednesday, November 15, 2006: 7:50 AM
Indiana Conv. Center, Room 123-124, First Floor
218: U.S. Canola Research Conference--Canola Agronomy: I
Sponsor:Z02 US Canola Association
Presiding:Steve Dahl, Canola Producer
7:50 AMIntroductory Remarks
8:00 AMJump Starting Canola Production on the Great Plains. 
Michael Stamm, Kansas State Univ, Mark C. Boyles, Oklahoma State Univ
8:25 AMCanola Production in Canada - An Overview. 
John J. Mayko, Canola Council of Canada
8:50 AMDeveloping Canola Cultivars for the Pacific Northwest and Other US Regions.
Jack Brown, University of Idaho, Jim B. Davis, PSES Dept, Univ of Idaho, Donna A. Brown, PSES Dept, Univ of Idaho, Lindy Seip, PSES Dept, Univ of Idaho, Nichole Baker, PSES Dept, Univ of Idaho
9:10 AMEffect of Phosphorus Placement, Seeding Rate, and Row Spacing on Canola. 
Paul Hendrickson, NDSU, Carrington Res. Ext. Cnt, Steve Schaubert, NDSU, Carrington Res. Ext. Cnt
9:30 AMInfluence of Flowering and Maturity Dates on Yield among Winter Canola Cultivars. 
Ernst Cebert, Dept of Plant and Soil Sciences, Alabama A&M Univ, Rufina Ward, Dept of Plant and Soil Sciences, Alabama A&M Univ, Udai Bishnoi, Dept of Plant and Soil Sciences, Alabama A&M Univ
9:50 AMAphids on Winter Canola in the Southern Plains. 
Kristopher L. Giles, Oklahoma State Univ, Thomas Peeper, Oklahoma State Univ, Mark Boyles, Oklahoma State Univ, Tom Royer, Oklahoma State Univ, Deena Bushong, Oklahoma State Univ, Dennis Kastl, Oklahoma State Univ
10:10 AMDiscussion
10:20 AMBreak
10:35 AMDiseases
10:40 AMNew Strains of Blackleg in the Canadian Prairies and the North Central Plains of the United States: A Potential New Threat to the Canola Industry?.
Dilantha Fernando, Univ of Manitoba
11:00 AMBlackleg Disease of Canola: A Multi-State Research Project.
Carl Bradley, University of Illinois-Urbana-Champaign, Bryan Hanson, North Dakota State Univ, Cody Chesrown, North Dakota State Univ, Luis del Rio, North Dakota State Univ, Paul M. Porter, Univ of Minnesota, Dave LeGare, Univ of Minnesota, Paul Raymer, Univ of Georgia, Griffin Campus, Daniel Phillips, Univ of Georgia
11:20 AMA Sclerotinia Disease-Warning Model for Canola. 
Luis Del Rio-Mendoza, North Dakota State Univ, Ramasubramaniam Harikrishnan, North Dakota State Univ, Carl Bradley, North Dakota State Univ, Arthur Lamey, North Dakota State Univ, Gary Platford, P&D Agro Consulting
11:40 AMImpact of Crop Rotation and Sequence on Disease Incidence and Severity in Canola.
Denise M. Markle, North Dakota State Univ, Brian Jenks, North Dakota State Univ, Gary Willoughby, North Dakota State Univ, Carl A. Bradley, North Dakota State Univ
12:00 PMDiscussion
12:10 PMAdjourn

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