Reports by J.J. Marois

Current Status and Future Direction of the Tri-State Sod/Livestock Based Peanut/Cotton Cropping System.
Earthworm Activities and Ecology in Sod-Based Peanut/Cotton Cropping Systems.
Economic Returns for Peanuts in Sod-Based Cropping Systems.
Epidemic and Spread of Soybean Rust in Florida/Sentinel Plots.
Evaluation of Cotton Growth and Yields Following Simulated Cadre Carryover.
Fungicide Trials for Control of Asian Soybean Rust in Florida.
Nitrogen Management in Sod-Based Cotton Cropping Systems.
Response of Peanut Diseases in a Bahiagrass Rotation System and the Influence on Yield.
Symptom Development and Characterization of Cotton Hardlock: Focus on Fumonisin Production and Stored Lipids.